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My Montenegro hiking feature in OE magazine won the Kenneth Westcott Jones Memorial Award for Best Transport & Specialist Feature, at the British Guild of Travel Writers Awards last night.


There’s a new review of The Mountains of Montenegro on the the Daily News Montenegro website:
‘With a list price of under 15 Euros, you would be crazy to consider hiking in Montenegro without this valuable guide.’ (Will Spencer, Daily News Montenegro)

Komovi, Montenegro

More news on negotiations between Ryanair and the Montenegrin government – will flights be to Tivat on the coast (more sensible, from the point of view of most potential tourists) or the capital Podgorica (a less attractive option for most, unless travelling on business), will they be seasonal (again, makes sense for the majority of tourists and, almost certainly, for Ryanair) or year-round (even more competition for Montenegro Airlines, which has already had to reduce its number of flights to the UK due to low demand), etc – here Arguably, from an outdoor/hiking perspective (greater proximity to Durmitor national park, Prokletije etc), Podgorica is a more convenient place to fly to, although hikers are unlikely to constitute the majority of visitors (much as I might argue that they should, and that the mountains and other inland areas are the best reason to visit Montenegro). In any case, it’s really quite amazing that a deal with a budget airline (Ryanair, easyJet, whoever) hasn’t been sorted long before now…. Five years after writing a guidebook to the mountains of Montenegro, the most attractive option for air travel to Montenegro is still via Dubrovnik, over the border in Croatia. Though perhaps, not for long.

Small tent pitched at Lokvice, in Durmitor national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Montenegro

I gave a talk on hiking in Montenegro at the Outdoors Show at London’s Excel Centre today. Quite a good turnout.

Montenegro article in current edition of OE magazine

Magic of Montenegro (OE magazine, September 2010)